Staff and Volunteers


The Golden Age Center has only six paid staff members, two of whom are full-time while the other employees are part-time. Therefore, VOLUNTEERS are the "Heart" of our operation. Our generous and hard-working volunteers do the following:

Board meetings are on the third Tuesday of each month beginning at 9:am, and are open to the public.

Board of Directors 

 Ellen Eggers-Brinson / President 

Mary Amon  /  Vice President


Sue Held / Treasurer

Victoria Phillips  /  Member


Vacant - House and Grounds Chair
Jeanne Simmons - Bylaws/P&P Chairs
Sue Held - Finance Chair
Mary Amon - Fund Raising Chair
 Jeanne Simmons - Nutrition Chair
Victoria Phillips - Nominations (2 member openings)
Kit Porritt & Tina West - Volunteer Coordinators
Kit Porritt     Executive Director / PSA2 Coordinator

Bob McNeil            Webmaster

Seven volunteers serve on the governing board of directors for alternating two-year terms. They are voted in by the general membership and meet a minimum of once each month, on the third Tuesday of the month at 9 a.m. 

Applications are now being accepted for the current Advisory Council.


                                      Kit Porritt     Executive Director / PSA2 Coordinator


                                                             Lyn Barber

Tina West      Food Services (Head Cook)  


Chelsea Springer      Kitchen assistant    

Kim Duncan           Kitchen assistant